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Assalam Aalaikum WRWB


The Imam Committee and the Board of Trustees of Da'awatul Islamia of Somerset Masjid have agreed, In Shah Allah, to commence Jumm'ah Prayers starting the first Friday of Ramadan subject to compliance with social distancing and other CDC and State guidelines.

There will be two congregations (jamaaths). The first jamaath will start at 12:45 PM and is exclusively for jamaath members who are vaccinated. The second one will begin at 1:30 PM for non-vaccinated members.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Registration is compulsory. No attendance without registration. Proof of registration is required for admission.

  • Maximum 30 attendees per jamaath. 

  • Children under 12 years, elders above 70 years and sisters are requested to pray at home.

  • Face mask is a must.

  • Social distancing guidelines to be followed.

  • Please bring your own prayer mat and come with wudu.

  • Please pray at the marked spots.

  • If you are sick or you are taking care of some one sick, please pray at home.

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